The real road to success

Posted: June 3, 2016
The Official Wolves Summit Blog
The Official Wolves Summit Blog

You’ve probably done your research and know, how startups work. You might even be contributing to the community. All young companies want to be successful. If it happens instantly, even better. However, it’s not all moonlight and roses.

How you achieve success – the ideal scenario
In an ideal scenario you are the main character of an American-dream-like film. You come up with a brilliant idea, no one has ever done it before, so you have quite a head start. You come up with a catchy startup name and a bunch of investors with stacks of cash ready to be handed over to your company. Brand visibility is massive and clients come to you without any marketing efforts. It all becomes stable in just one year. Well, not really.

How you achieve success – the actual outcome
Here’s what it usually looks like. You create a startup company with your head full of ideas and bright looks for the future. And then you don’t know how to reach investors and potential clients. You run out of money, don’t have a team of experts, the product doesn’t match the needs of clients. So, problem number one: traction. How do you get it to actually work? You found your niche, have a really innovative product or service. You still need some money for further development, though. And a mentor would be of great use, so you don’t get lost in the process.

Where do I look for development opportunities?
Easiest way? Conferences. Take tons of business cards and network as much as you can. Meeting new people will definitely accelerate your business. Take your time and prepare a perfect pitch. Not just any PowerPoint presentation you monotonously repeat – how about 2-3 minutes of storytelling? Catch the audience, whether it’s an investor or your team buddy. Make them want to hear more about what you do. It’s not easy but look at all the final pitches at Wolves Summit. There were 279 aspiring and brilliant startups, yet only 9 made it to the finals and two of them won the prizes. What is not shown on these videos is the impact all startups had on investors and corporations. Their pitches drew the attention of investors and corporate executives, who were just sitting there in front of the stages. If you’re looking for a proof, here it is:


We’re not all heroes
There’s no shortcut to success and it’s okay. We may not make it the first time but it does not mean we should give up. Just remember to concentrate on your goals. Write them down and pursue them with passion. Don’t be afraid of failure because we’re all going to experience one eventually. If you’re still kind of scared, fake it. Pretend you’re not and it’ll go away at some point. Your company will thank you.

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