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The 7th edition of Wolves Summit

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And there we have it. Another edition of Wolves Summit has come to an end. For the 7th time, we had a great opportunity and a pleasure to invite to Poland the representatives of international and polish corporations, investors and startups to enable them to #create #network and #grow . ...

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4 Verified Conference Tips for Investors


As another year approaches, investors usually dig into conference calendars in search of most valuable events to attend the following 12 months. To achieve the best results, they need to think about a proper preparation beforehand, perfect execution during, and correct summary after the event. What are the top hints ...

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How Much Can You Take From a Meeting?


The conference sprint is pretty exhausting, but can give you more contacts and prospect clients, than you can imagine. If you don’t know how to use the event to the maximum, keep reading.  If you do, keep reading anyway. There’s a step-by-step guide for you. The past 6 editions of ...

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Why Corporations and Startups Need to Work Together


Introducing innovation to your company is not a one-time offer for startups to hop in, do the job, leave, and you’re good for the next 20 years. It’s a long-term process that must be implemented in a corporation for good. And here’s why. If you work in a corporation, you ...

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5 rules to increasing sales conversion from 10% to 70%


What’s the actual number of closing clients out of all phone calls you and your team make? What’s the conversion? Working with entrepreneurs and salespeople often shows it’s 10-15%, including activities aimed at cold clients. If someone only works on warm leads (potential clients who show interest in the brand/product/service ...

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Why Startups Decline Your Investment Offers


It is always a surprise when a startup declines an investment offer, even if it’s a tempting one. What drives such decisions and can you, as an investor, prevent them from happening? The majority of resources tell only one side of the story, which is why investors will not put ...

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Your Pitch Is Not Going To Work, If You Do This


Just think about how unfair it is. As a startup you have a good product, you know there’s demand on the market, and yet, no one wants to invest. What could you possibly be doing wrong? Well, think about the talking. No, this is not the only reason it’s not ...

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Model Ways For CVCs to Invest in Startup Companies


Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) may seem like a distant perspective for startup companies, especially compared to private VC funds or Business Angels. There are, however, a few paths of carrying out successful startup-corporation cooperation, without much damage to any of these parties. The giants First thought that probably comes to ...

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Warsaw will attract startups from around the world

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The startup ecosystem in Poland is developing at a satisfying pace. Innovative hubs and programmes supporting young tech companies are being created. But international conferences also contribute to the success. Favourable conditions for development Wolves Summit, an international conference for startups, investors, and corporate representatives is taking place on 9-11th ...

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Nearly 300 innovative projects in the heart of Warsaw


The 6th edition of an international conference for startups, corporations, and investors, Wolves Summit, took place in the Warsaw’s Palace of Culture of Science on 10th and 11th October. The event attracted 1178 participants, mainly from Central and Eastern Europe. Polish capital of innovation Warsaw, Poland welcomed the participants of ...

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