Success behind the Wolves

Posted: July 4, 2016

What makes a conference successful? Well, usually the numbers. And what makes conference organizers proud? It’s just as simple: the numbers. As one of the leading startup events in Poland and Europe, Wolves Summit strives to get the best results possible. But how do we measure that?

Use the power of…
Startups. Those aspiring and innovative tech companies and their ability to change the world lie at the core of Wolves Summit. Their success on different markets is often driven by the fact, they appeared at conferences and marked their presence. Let’s take a quick look at some startups attending Wolves Summit.

Word up!
These two attending startups took communication to the next level and help deaf people – Five developed an app that uses hand gestures to communicate and Migam offers instant connection with sign language interpreters. Fiveapp, a young startup from Poland attended the first edition of Wolves Summit. Soon they received international recognition and have gained investment of over 1M PLN. Another one, Migam, was present at Wolves Summit in October 2015. Now it won the Polish edition of Chivas The Venture 2016 and has the chance to gain $750 000 in the world finals.

Digital innovation
Shopping at retail stores has been made easier with Mercaux. The startup created an app for retailers to improve their in-store sales. It has also gained a Business Angel investor from Russia and is a runner-up in Young Billionaire School startup competition organized by Forbes Russia. And if you’re a fan of social media, you might find adMingle useful. It distributes advertising thanks to people sharing the information on their own social channels. After attending the second edition of Wolves Summit, they entered new markets (including Mexico and Brazil) and gained 1M euros in sales in 2015.

The numbers
Wolves Summit’s first edition took place in April 2015. It’s not too long ago and yet a lot has been achieved. The three events gathered a total of nearly 5000 incredible individuals who discussed innovation, technology and business. Over 600 startups attended to find new growth opportunities and investment possibilities. There were 5342 1:1 meetings held (3028 of which in April 2016). The most active startup had 42 meetings with investors and executives.

Two days of the conference provide fertile ground for companies on different levels of development and with different needs, so if anyone wants to expand their business network, there’s no better place to be than Wolves Summit.

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