Startups’ social responsibility

Startups’ social responsibility

Posted: February 18, 2016

At Wolves Summit we believe that merging social issues with technology was only a matter of time. Innovations in various social fields have developed over the past years and are becoming an inseparable part of our lives. Startups are a perfect example of providing social responsibility. Many of them appeared during Wolves Summit conferences and just as many will present themselves in less than two months in Warsaw. Here are some of them.

Digital health

Let’s imagine a very complex surgery. It went well but still involves the risk of post-operative complications. We may now put our trust in an implantable bio-sensor developed to deliver data from your body straight to your doctor. A Canadian team of experts from a startup called NERv is developing such solution and already gaining popularity.

An Irish startup CORTECHS releases mobile games that use brainwave-sensing headset. It uses brainwaves as input and monitors attention and relaxation levels through specially designed games. Focus made fun? Yes, please.

Can we be more eco-friendly?

Binee was founded in one of the most environmentally-friendly places on earth – Germany. It changes the way you get rid of trash. Since waste can be reused, Binee introduces an element of gamification into a daily routine. Throwing trash into separate smart bins credits you actual money and who wouldn’t want some extra cash just thanks to recycling?

I hear you

Communicating with other people is such a natural process, we never really worry about possible barriers but what if we need to speak to someone whose first language is … sign? We can benefit from a solution provided by Migam, a Polish startup company. Because of some significant differences between spoken and sign language people often have trouble understanding each other. Migam offers online translations and a mobile app for more effective communication. What if you’d rather exchange messages through a text communicator? Five app has thousands of sign combinations that make texting with anyone easy. Will that begin a new era of communication? Wolves Summit fully supports startup companies who engage in social responsibility and helps them develop their ideas. Follow us to stay up-to-date and find out more about them.

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