Secrets from the Polish founding scene

Posted: March 7, 2017

Kinga Stanisławska has great experience in all investment areas: investment banking, private equity and venture capital industry. It helps her grow one of the most prominent venture capitals (Experior Venture Fund) in the CEE region. Personally, she says that she has just started and really likes to work with early stage companies and startup founders.

You will learn:

As a founder:

  • how investors look for the best companies and how they choose it
  • why hands-on approach from an investor and good contact is important both for founders and investor
  • what are the key components of a successful company
  • what are the key-elements of a founder?
  • is a team better than single investor?
  • what is the sales culture in US and Poland like?

As an investor:

  • why you should or should not become a business angel
  • is it a good time to invest in startups
  • no risk. no fun – split your assets!
  • the power of feedback – why reporting is so important in terms of building the value of your product?

As a startup:

  • how can  experience from investment banking contribute to establishing your own startup fund?
  • what’s the difference between large transactions and investing in startup?
  • why the idea is not enough in running a startup?
  • why should big corporations give startups a try?


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