Polish startup creates a new level of communication

Posted: September 13, 2016

There is no universal key to achieving success but one thing’s always relevant: you need a fully committed team. A Polish startup Migam, which attended Wolves Summit in October 2015, has developed a unique way to engage with the community and is on the right path to creating an international success story.

Hearing impairment is no longer an issue with Migam on board. This company from Poland started by developing a free sign language dictionary which would make communication with deaf people a lot easier. Today they are changing the rules of services for hearing impaired by partnering with major Polish companies from financial, insurance and transportation sectors, such as ING Bank Śląski, PKP, PGNiG or Samsung Electronics.

Drawbacks of starting up
The company started in 2011 and has been making its way to the top ever since. It has, however, experienced some difficulties, whether it be trouble finding an office or lacking financial resources. But on the other hand, it may be all startups’ challenge to keep the business liquidity at a reasonably high level and be on the winning team at all times.

Lessons learned
Company’s struggles became a valuable lesson to the team, who refused to give up. What’s more, they quickly found funding sources and continued to develop their product. The turning point came when the first deaf person was hired bringing up the difference between Polish Sign Language and Signed Polish. Many hearing impaired use PSL on a daily basis due to significant disparities in grammar between sign and spoken languages.

Focus on the team
Migam decided to focus on creating a tool, which would help deaf communicate better in everyday situations, such as banking operations, commuting and transportation or telecommunication services. To achieve this, they needed the right people and what better way than hiring hearing impaired? Their wide knowledge of PSL and experience boosted the development of Migam’s translating tools, so they could serve both individuals and companies.

What future holds
Today Migam co-operates with many companies in Poland and plans international expansion. The company has been recognized by Sir Richard Branson when it won the Virgin Academy and triumphed in the Polish edition of Chivas The Venture – a pitching competition for startups. The award-winning company keeps perfectioning their services to ensure best quality and help hearing impaired with their daily errands.

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