5 major rules of effective pitching


  What you should always keep in mind is that memory sucks. So your goal as a startup needs to remain simple: make them remember you. The startup ecosystem has seen many pitching competitions, including Wolves Summit’s Great Pitch. Here we’ve listed a few rules to follow, if you’re ever ...

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Fifth meeting at the tech conference Wolves Summit


Wolves Summit is entering its third year of activity. This international technology conference is taking place for the 5th time on 28-29 March 2017 in Warsaw, Poland. During this year’s edition 350 selected startups will get the chance to participate for free. They will meet 250 investors and 350 corporate ...

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Thousands of business meetings at Wolves Summit


The fourth edition of an international conference for startups, investors and corporations, Wolves Summit, is over. One of the most important tech events in Central and Eastern Europe gained representatives from 47 countries, who could meet and discuss innovations in business for 4 days. Startups, business and R&D 1956 participants ...

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Polish startup creates a new level of communication


There is no universal key to achieving success but one thing’s always relevant: you need a fully committed team. A Polish startup Migam, which attended Wolves Summit in October 2015, has developed a unique way to engage with the community and is on the right path to creating an international ...

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Do startups and corporations make a good relationship?


When it comes to thinking big and striving to stay up-to-date with the industry, we must consider bringing innovation to our companies. Where else to look for them, if not among all those aspiring young tech startups? Are you ready to take the risk? Just so we’re clear. It’s not ...

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Do what the market demands


    If you haven’t heard of SwipeStox, yet, you’ve got some news to catch up with. This Germany-based startup developed a revolutionary social trading app, which can be called a Facebook or Tinder for trading. It’s simple, yet brilliant.   SwipeStox was also present at Wolves Summit in April ...

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Money doesn’t grow on trees, so how do you raise capital?

Wolves Summit winner

Young companies need funding. It’s no news, really, but the hard part begins, when you don’t know where to search for the money. But what if you could meet 250 investors and 300 managers from around the world in one place? What research says Deloitte has recently released its report ...

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Success behind the Wolves


What makes a conference successful? Well, usually the numbers. And what makes conference organizers proud? It’s just as simple: the numbers. As one of the leading startup events in Poland and Europe, Wolves Summit strives to get the best results possible. But how do we measure that? Use the power ...

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The real road to success

The Official Wolves Summit Blog

You’ve probably done your research and know, how startups work. You might even be contributing to the community. All young companies want to be successful. If it happens instantly, even better. However, it’s not all moonlight and roses. How you achieve success – the ideal scenario In an ideal scenario ...

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